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Do you want to start a career in the renewable energy industry? Northwest Renewable Energy Institute is the perfect place to begin your future with our Wind Turbine Technician Training Program. Get the skills, training, and certifications you need to enter the job market in as little as 6 months. Our Career Services team will help you get started and apply for jobs across the country and worldwide.

NWREI’s 6-month training program prepares and awards students the certifications required for employment in the green technology industry. Students must pass the practical exam to be awarded the certifications. Our program encompasses the necessary book-work, certification, and hands-on training for wind turbine technicians.

An exciting future is ahead of you! NWREI is here to help you get started!

“Our goal is to provide the technical training you need to start your career in the renewable energy industry.”

Featured on KGW8 TV Oregon

Wind turbine technicians get hands-on experience, job interview prep at Vancouver institute.

A Vancouver school is launching wind turbine technicians into a green energy gig that’s in growing demand.  >>READ MORE

–FEB 7, 2024

Introducing Our New Satellite Training Facility at Northwest Renewable Energy Institute

We are excited to unveil our new satellite campus, a leap forward in renewable energy education at NW-REI. This modern facility is equipped with a 20-foot-tall simulated nacelle climbing tower, offering an immersive training experience for wind turbine and telecom technicians.

Location: 4200 NW Fruit Valley Road, Suite C110 | Vancouver, WA 98660

Key features of our campus include:

  • Realistic training environments with advanced equipment, including simulated main shafts and evacuation simulators.
  • Enhanced safety measures ensuring comprehensive learning in a secure setting including Self Retracting Devices (SRD), Safety Retract Lines (SRL), and comprehensive safety netting.
  • A curriculum that blends practical skills with theoretical knowledge, preparing students for the demands of the green energy sector.

Our commitment to safety, hands-on experience, and alignment with Global Wind Organization standards positions our graduates to succeed in the growing field of renewable energy.

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Our Mission and Philosophy

The mission of Northwest Renewable Energy Institute (NWREI) is to provide the technical training, coaching, mentoring, and encouragement for our students to be safe and successful in their new career.

Our teaching philosophy is based on the belief that students succeed when their career training focuses on current-industry best-practices alongside skill building. With learning from engaging and supportive instructors, our students develop safe and productive work habits. Our training emphasizes the importance of soft skills and professionalism. Finally, our Wind Turbine Technician Training Program heavily incorporates theory supported by ample hands-on practice.

40 Years of Experience

NWREI is a part of International Air and Hospitality Academy’s family of technical schools. We have been providing quality career training to our students since 1979. International Air and Hospitality Academy is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC).



For more information about the certifications awarded during your 6 months at REI, please see our Program Page.

Levi - Graduate of Northwest Renewable Energy Institute

Just wanted to extend my gratitude to NWREI for getting me in the door of the wind industry. I made the right decision to go this route. I had a great time at the school. Here’s are couple pictures from where I’m at now. 

—Levi S.

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