Wind Turbine Salary and Jobs

Wind Turbine Technician Salary

The road to becoming a Wind Turbine Technician does not need to be long.

After only 6 months in our program, you will be prepared to apply for positions all throughout the country. The wind turbine industry is growing; there is presently a massive demand for technicians as the world becomes persistent of green energy.  

Job Title and Median Salary
Wind Turbine Technician — $56,260
Installation, maintenance, and repair occupations — $47,940
*Total, all Occupations — $45,760

Wind turbine technicians mostly learn their trade by attending and graduating from a technical school, such as NWREI. After being hired, they receive additional on-the-job training. While most turbine techs work full-time, many are also on-call for emergencies during the weekends and evenings. If a wind turbine is not functioning properly, these essential technicians work to find the issue and make repairs as quickly as possible.

*Note: “All Occupations” includes all occupations in the U.S. Economy.

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Wind Turbine Job Outlook

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the need for trained wind turbine technicians is expected to double in the next eight years.

Recent information published in the Occupational Outlook Handbook states the need for wind turbine service technicians is projected to grow 44% from 2021 to 2031. 

NWREI is partnering with the wind energy industry to help meet the demand for trained wind turbine technicians. Employers are calling us because they love our graduates. We have long-standing relationships with wind energy employers who keep us up to date on the industry demands for training. Based on their input, we constantly adjust our training to stay ahead of industry requirements. 

There are many reasons why the number of wind turbine jobs is growing so rapidly. The two largest reasons are federal policy, which is aiming to have wind supply 20% of the Nation’s energy supply by 2030 (we are currently at around 7%) and private investment. In the last several years, there has been more than $100 billion invested in wind energy. 

The people being offered these positions are trained wind turbine technicians with industry certifications. 

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“There are currently more jobs than we have graduates. The demand has never been higher. I have employers calling me every day looking for entry level technicians and telling me that their needs are going to increase dramatically over the next few years.”

-Career Services Manager at NWREI

Video Transcript: 

Hey guys, this is my friend James. He’s a Wind Turbine Technician, which is one of the fastest growing jobs in the country. Watch this video to learn more.  

My name is James Van Dyken. I am a Wind Turbine Technician, and I work at Tule Wind Farm with Avangrid Renewables. The traditional pathway for this job is generally [that] you would go into a turbine technician school. It could be anywhere from six weeks to two years. My job basically consists of operations and maintenance. The most difficult part of this job would be working next to the blades. Obviously, it’s a dangerous vocation. You’re working in close quarters; it could be 115 degrees. It is 

critical that you have good communication skills. The coolest part of my job is that I get to climb every day, [and] get that awesome view. The wind industry is growing extremely fast. There are opportunities pretty much throughout the entirety of the United States. For anybody interested in this career. 

Reach out for any questions that you might have. You can even drive out to the wind farm and speak to technicians there. When I got into this industry, I began to take pride in what I was doing and knowing that I was making a difference each and every day and helping out our future generations.  

That’s honestly one of the coolest jobs you can do. Go to to learn more. 

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