Graduate Testimonial – Levi Sage

An NWREI graduate, Levi Sage, hard at work!

What I am currently doing? I am currently a traveling wind turbine technician for Airway Services.

What advice do you have for new students? Although the skills and concepts learned in class are very translatable once you start working, you’ll still need to learn a lot just by working on site every day. Pay close attention to details and processes in the daily routine. Lead techs will want to tell/show you something no more than once and expect you to follow it. Always stay on your toes.

Final thoughts: We’re taught a very high standard of safety in class. Techs in the field often won’t follow safety as closely as we are taught, so it can be easy to pick up bad habits. Always practice safety to the level you’re taught in class, even if your future coworkers don’t.

Levi Sage | Traveling Wind Turbine Tech. |  Airway Services