Graduate Testimonial – Christian Nadler

An NWREI graduate, Christian Nadler, happy to be on the job!

What I am currently doing? I am currently a wind turbine technician for Cannon Power Group, LLC.

What is your favorite thing about your job? The thing I favor the most in my job is the all-around work we do, from electrical, hydraulic, and mechanical work, rigging and craning, to just being a safe(r) individual, and of course the awesome views given from a top the turbines’ nacelle.

What is your favorite memory from attending our program? While attending NW-REI, my favorite memory would have to be learning the work material, terminology, and dangers/safety mitigation. Along with meeting new people, including my very knowledgeable instructors, and great classmates.

Do you have any advice for students who are about to start our program? Advice I’d give to a student about to enter the industry is, sleep your 8 hours (you’ll need it), eat right, and stretch before & after you climb. Very simple, yet effective. And always communicate with your crew. Always be willing to learn, be trained or taught, regardless if you know it already or not, the more knowledge, the better.

Christian Nadler | Wind Turbine Tech. | Cannon Power Group, LLC