Wind and Telecom technology is one of the fastest growing industries in the country. With a high demand for green energy, we can help you gain the skills to succeed as a wind turbine technician, while making the world a better place.


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Northwest Renewable Energy Institute, the leading renewable energy school in the Pacific Northwest, is seeking individuals with the desire and potential to succeed as wind turbine and telecom technicians in the renewable energy industry.

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Wind Turbine and Telecom Technician Training

Are you looking for lasting job security and good pay in an expanding industry? Have you been searching for a career in engineering, electronics or construction?

Begin a fulfilling and good career as a Wind Turbine and Telecom Technician at the Northwest Renewable Energy Institute, the leading trade school in the Pacific Northwest for renewable energy jobs. This exciting path to a career in wind power takes you out of a cubicle and 300 feet into the air on a wind turbine. The U.S. Department of Energy is demanding Wind Energy to support 20% of the U.S. Electricity Supply by the year 2030 and we are currently at only 4.18%. So, if you are tired of that boring job and want a good, green job within a growing industry, now is the time!

Students can expect an innovative approach to wind turbine and telecom training that will include classroom, computer-based and hands-on training. Our green energy training programs will teach students the technical skills necessary to service, repair, and maintain the demanding requirements of wind energy. Students will become familiar with the basic concepts of rigging, torque & tensioning, multi-meters, AC/DC electrical systems, hydraulics, computerized data collection, how to utilize solar energy training and more. In addition, students will learn the fundamentals of basic antenna installation and weatherproofing, and learn the correct practices of Radio Frequency safety. Upon completion of this wind turbine technician and telecom training program, students will understand the need to follow industry critical safety requirements. Students will also be able to confidently demonstrate their newly developed skills. Graduates of this program will be fully prepared for jobs in wind power and qualified for entry-level positions as wind turbine and telecom technicians.


“The Northwest Renewable Energy Institute (NWREI) and its Director are providing a top-notch, truly professional wind technician education program that Suzlon has and will continue to benefit from. In a fairly short amount of time, the students look,
think, act and have the skill sets of a quality wind tech.”

- Willem van der Ven, Regional Service Manager, Suzlon Wind Energy Corporation

“We have had great success with your candidates. The reviews from the site managers have been outstanding as well! Thanks for your help and support!”
- Source2, Sourcing Solutions

“I’m a recent graduate from NW-REI. Shortly after graduation I was hired by GE for Installation & Receiving. During my time at GE’s training facility I truly realized and greatly appreciate how much I had really learned at NW-REI to prepare me and provide me the opportunity to be ahead of the curve.”

- Johnathan Palodichuk, Graduate, hired by GE

“I’m doing well, just finished filling out paperwork for Siemens. Happy to say I will be starting with Siemens real soon. I am eager to get started in the Wind Energy Field and start using the skills I learned while attending NW-REI. I know without the education from NW-REI I would not have this opportunity. I want to thank you and the staff at NW-REI for everything.”

- Charlie Gravelle, Graduate, hired by Siemens

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