Begin a fulfilling career as a Wind Turbine and Telecom Technician at the Northwest Renewable Energy Institute, the leading trade school in the Pacific Northwest for renewable energy jobs. This exciting path to a career in wind power takes you out of a cubicle and 300 feet into the air on a wind turbine. The U.S. Department of Energy is demanding Wind Energy to support 20% of the U.S. Electricity Supply by the year 2030 and we are currently at only 4.18%. So, if you are tired of that boring job and want a good, green job within a growing industry, now is the time!

What Will You Learn?

Students can expect an innovative approach to wind turbine and telecom training that will include classroom, computer-based and hands-on training. Our green energy training programs will teach students the technical skills necessary to service, repair, and maintain the demanding requirements of wind energy. Students will become familiar with the basic concepts of rigging, torque & tensioning, multi-meters, AC/DC electrical systems, hydraulics, computerized data collection, how to utilize solar energy training and more. In addition, students will learn the fundamentals of basic antenna installation and weatherproofing, and learn the correct practices of Radio Frequency safety. Upon completion of this wind turbine technician and telecom training program, students will understand the need to follow industry critical safety requirements. Students will also be able to confidently demonstrate their newly developed skills. Graduates of this program will be fully prepared for jobs in wind power and qualified for entry-level positions as wind turbine and telecom technicians.